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Wastewater Solutions stocks a large quantity of wastewater products and varies fiberglass, concrete and poly, septic and pump tanks.  Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Infiltrator chambers

  • Infiltrator poly septic tanks

  • Indexing valves and boxes

  • Control panels

  • UV disinfection systems & bulbs

  • Chlorine and bioneutralizer

  • Effluent, sewage, and grinder pumps

  • Aerobic Septic Tank additive

  • Alarm and switch floats

  • Pump tank assemblies with alarm boxes

  • Polylok risers, lids, and distribution boxes

Champion CPE 4 CPE 5 Effluent Pump (PDF)

Champion CPW5A Sewage Pump (PDF)

Champion CPSTEP 512 A (PDF)

Champion CPEH5 Effluent (PDF)

Little Giant Grinder GP A231 (PDF)

Meyers ME 45AC 11 Effluent Pump (PDF)

Meyers ME3 H Effluent Pump (PDF)

Polylok 6 X 24 RISER (PDF)

Polylok 12 X 20 RISER (PDF)

Polylok 20 X 6 RISER (PDF)

Polylok 24 RISER LID (PDF)

Polylok 12 diameter D Box (PDF)

Polylok 12 X 24 RISER (PDF)

Polylok 20 RISER LID (PDF)


Polylok PL 68 HOUSING (PDF)

Polylok PL 68 1Filter cartridge (PDF)

Polylok d-box (PDF)

Infiltrator IM 1060 (PDF)

Infiltrator IM 540 Cut Sheet (PDF)

Infiltrator IM 1530 Cutsheet (PDF)

Float switch Pumpmaster specs (PDF)

K Rain 6000 Series indexing Valve Instruction Guide 1 (PDF)

K Rain 6000 Indexing Valve Product Specifications (PDF)

K Rain 6000 Series Indexing Valves Diagram and Tech Specs (PDF)

Infiltrator Chamber Low Pro 24 (PDF)

Infiltrator Chamber Low Pro 18 (PDF)

Infiltrator Chamber Standard 24 (PDF)

Infiltrator End Cap Lo Pro All in One (PDF)

Infiltrator Onsite Septic System Home Owners Manual (PDF)


Wastewater Solutions sells parts and provide service for Hydro-Action and Aqua Safe systems. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Commercial design plans

  • Certified service technicians

  • Service contract

  • Complete and professional tank delivery

  • Well trained office staff

  • Dealer network throughout Ohio

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