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High Performance

The Hydro-Action System outperforms traditional septic tanks in prolonging drain field life, meeting environmental standards, including one & two foot soil depth credits and NPDES discharging requirements.


Watertight tested fiberglass design, manufactured in the US by an industry leader with over 30 years experience. Our tanks are even tougher and longer lasting than concrete tanks.

Five Year Limited Warranty

No need to worry about maintenance, your system will be inspected and serviced twice a year for the first two years. If any defects occur in the first two years our warranty covers them. Thereafter, service contracts will be offered and the pro-rated warranty applies.

Easy Installation

Our system is a one-piece pre-assembled design allowing for easy installation without setting multiple tanks, and can be set in just one excavation. It is also internally wired and plumbed, allowing for just one power wire to run the entire system.

Easy Maintenance

With no moving parts or components inside the tank, and instant access to all operational components mounted in a weatherproof housing, routine maintenance is quick and easy.

Cost Effective Solution

With a simpler installation than conventional systems, high adaptability to difficult land conditions and low operating cost, Hydro-action is a superior to the competition.

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